50 Kean Street
West Babylon, NY 11704

UVX Universal Vinyl Extruders, Inc. was started in 2004 as a state-of-the-art PVC Extruder catering to the fence and railing industry. In this short time, the company has expanded to include injection molding as well as machine shop operations for in-house development of cutting edge tooling and dies.

All items produced by UVX are high quality non-recycled virgin PVC (Cell Classification 1-41432-33 per ASTM D-4216) which is UV stabilized to prevent yellowing. All items have been engineered to eliminate sharp edges and glued seams. Our products were all designed by fencing and railing professionals who have 30+ years in the industry. Before the first blueprint was drawn, we listened to common problems seen in the field by experienced fence installers and took their problems and turned out solutions with our products.

An example of a problem that was turned into a solution is the commonly used glued seam on fence caps. As you know, a glued seam will eventually open up, causing a call-back and a dissatisfied customer; not to mention the cost associated with having to return to the job site to replace or re-glue the cap. Our New England-classic series and Gothic cap are engineered to snap and lock together. There is no seam separation as the product expands and contracts. Another key design element of our caps is the internal shelf. This feature ensures the cap is level and square to the post.

In designing our fence and railing profiles, we considered that some installers choose to use a steel insert. Profiles from other manufacturers require various sizes of inserts depending on the profile shape. With our profiles, one steel insert covers our whole product range. This means you need to stock only one steel insert, should you chose to use one in your fence or railing installation.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is not only used to bring high quality, but also low cost to profiles used in PVC fence and railing manufacturing. UVX uses all new conical twin screw co-extruders. These extruders are computer controlled and fully networked with our in-house computer system along with remote operating video cameras. This advanced system allows the UVX engineering team access to key operating parameters through the internet, anywhere in the world, at any time. The advantage to these machines is clear. They feature the largest screw taper angle of all conicals on the market, leading to increased outputs per RPM allowing for a lower cost product. In terms of quality, our dies have been designed to allow for high speed, high output conditions. Our dies feature a floating mandrel to fine tune wall thicknesses to produce a high quality finished profile.

As our product line constantly expands, please check with us periodically for new items that we add to our line. Remember, our tool making and injection molding facilities are on site to serve you, as well as color matching capabilities to match any profile or cap color for large orders (by quote). We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship! Give us a call and you will not be disappointed!